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The Chausie is a domestic breed that resembles it's ancestor, Felis chaus.

It is rumored htat Chausies ( called Jungle Cat Hybrids at the time) were bred as early as the 1960's. Breeders today do not know if this information is accurate but it is believed that that these cats were bred to offer a reasonable alternative to those interested in exotic cats.

It wasn't until 1990 when an actual record of of a Jungle Cat breeding occured. A breeder named Sandra Cassalia bred a domestic white female (named Twiggy) to a male Jungle Cat. The resulting kittens were the first "Chausies" on record to be born. Chausies were granted foundation registration status in 1995 with The International Cat Association (TICA).


The breed worked it's way through the New Breed Class in TICA from May 2001 - April 2013.

May 1, 2013 the Chausie is the newest Championship Breed in TICA.


The first historical record of the Jungle Cat was found in ancient Egypt, where both the Jungle Cat and the African Wild Cat were used for hunting wild waterfowl. Mummified Jungle Cats have been found in Egyptian tombs, attesting to the high regard in which they were held. Some say that the statues of the goddess Bastet were modeled after Jungle Cats and we can certainly see the resemblance in her long, slender body and large ears!


The chief habitats of the Jungle Cat are wetlands and river valleys. It preys on rodents and other small animals, but occasionally will eat the young of larger animals as well.

This cat also flourishes in proximity to humanity, attracted by the rodents, which congregate in irrigated fields. In India, Felis chaus has been found nesting in abandoned granaries and houses. Probably because of this flexibility, Felis chaus populations are stable and the species is not considered endangered.

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